Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter Storm possible Monday!!

A Winter Storm is possible on Monday December 2nd. Blowing snow is possible, and 6 cm's or more is also possible. School's might close, and for people out there who have to work, I advise you to be careful on the roads! Visibility will be limited and it is accident season, so watch out!! More detail's to come later on this Weekend!

Pre-Forecast map for Monday.


Mike said...

Hey Kenny, man i hope this shit happens...and i think a blog is good enough man... maybe sometime in the distant future you will want to upgrade, but hey maybe ill send you pictures of mine this coming storm season!!!

Kenny said...

Thank's Mike! I'll be sure to put you're pictures up! If this all plays out I'll be for sure filming. I have no bateries that work yet, so I'll be saving up to buy some!

Heidi says AAAAAAA!!! said...


Snow Days are awesome!

(It works! ;)