Friday, November 30, 2007

Kick start!

Hello everyone! I was wondering if you all wanted to help me with a kick start. I'm deciding on putting up my photography, photograph of the week, and/or, best photograph of the month, maybe YEAR. If you have any ideas, or would like to share your photos, please send them to

If you would like to be a Chaser for the Edmonton Extreme Weather Team, Reply in this blog, or email me. Your photos from each chase will go up on the front page/Blog, and you will be credited. More ideas or suggestions email me!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter Storm possible Monday!!

A Winter Storm is possible on Monday December 2nd. Blowing snow is possible, and 6 cm's or more is also possible. School's might close, and for people out there who have to work, I advise you to be careful on the roads! Visibility will be limited and it is accident season, so watch out!! More detail's to come later on this Weekend!

Pre-Forecast map for Monday.

Grand Opening!

Welcome to the Edmonton Extreme Weather Blog. This is where you can visit to see Edmonton, Alberta, Canada's Extreme Weather events. This blog is still in progress and will be completed over time. Most likely Spring. I will announce the weather in my area, or across Canada. United States Weather will be posted as well. Stick Around here! Become part of the Edmonton Extreme Weather! *Note: All chases posted on this blog are done by Bike, and no Radar Data is used while chasing. I use instinct, and knowledge to grab some amazing photos. Enjoy the blog! Check up each day, who knows, a major outbreak, or small event could happen the second you aren't viewing :)